Our schedule is seasonal, be sure to check back every now and then for the most recent classes.

Group Swim Classes are held at Maui Country Club

If you would like to book a private group session, please email us at swimmingmaui@gmail.com

Summer Schedule

Tues: Level 1 @ 330 & Level 2 @ 430

Wed: Baby & Me 10am 

Thurs: Level 3 @ 330 & Level 2 @ 430 

Class Descriptions & Info

level 1: This class requires a parent or adult partner present in the water. Skills we focus on include:

  • Blowing bubbles through the nose
  • Feeling comfortable in the water, on the back, front and underwater.
  • Kicking
  • Finding a sense of buoyancy
  • Water Safety
  • Staying Calm

level 2: Skills Include:

  • "Full Body" Kick
  • Coordinating arms and legs to move through the water (basic front and back stokes)
  • Floating Independently
  • Breath Control
  • Building Strength and Endurance
  • Water Safety
  • Staying Calm

level 3/4: Skills Include:

  •  Rotation Drills
  • Arm recovery
  • Power application
  • Breath control
  • Stroke Technique
  • Ocean/Water safety
  • Ocean Skills day. 

Ocean Skills (Invite only):

Level 4 kids ready to take their swim skills to the ocean will go out to baby beach. We learn, safety, ocean behavior, confidence, calmness, and other techniques to make swimming in the ocean safer and more fun. Kids will also work on physical skill such as building stamina, core strength, freestyle and back stroke form.

Class meets at the pool and the group will walk to baby beach. This class is conditions dependent. If the ocean is too dangerous for class, we will do our workout in the pool while still learning Ocean Safety theory. 

Baby & Me: Enjoy water time with your little one as we play, splash, sing and learn important water safety skills and orientation. 30-45 mins $15 (drop in) Sign Up Here

Adult Swim: This class is for adults who have basic to intermediate knowledge of swimming. We will work on technique and drills with the goal of greater efficiency, ease, endurance and enjoyment. 45-60 mins $20 (drop In)

Please inquire about personalize plans and specific skills